Student project, 1 month


Dunya is an interactive experience using a tabletop tangible interface. The project is based on the reacTVIsion software for fiducial tracking and Pure Data for sound synthesis.

The main program is done in C# and uses Lua for scripting the gameplay. It receives inputs from the camera using reacTVIsion, and outputs information to custom Pure Data patchs for sound generation.

In June 2008 we won a prize by the SACD and NX Publishing who allowed us to attend the Siggraph'08 in Los Angeles, CA.


  • C#, Lua
  • XNA, reacTIVision, PureData


  • 2 Programmer
  • 1 Game designer
  • 1 Graphists
  • 2 Sound designer

What I have done:

  • Engine
    • Receive and send data on the UDP protocol
    • Scripting system with Lua
    • Event driven design
  • Sound
    • Sound synthesis using Pure Data
    • Work in cooperation with sound designers


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