Professional experience

Independent developer
PC - C#, Unity / Monogame
2012 - Today
Paris, France

For the past year and half I have been working as a freelancer and have assembled a team of 3 people to develop and independent game. During this time I have been using the Unity Engine and the Monogame (XNA) framework with C# on several project.

Game programmer on Just Dance 3
Wii - C++, Python
May 2011 - January 2012
Ubisoft, Paris, France

My main task was to prototype then implement the gesture recognition system for the Wiimote in collaboration with a senior programmer, using a statistical approach to test against reference captures. At the end of the project, I also assisted in developing the online DLC shop and passing the Nintendo Lot Check for this system.

Game programmer on Harry Potter and the Deathly Harrows, Part One and Two
PC/X360/PS3/Wii - C++
May 2010 - May 2011
Electronic Arts, Guildford, United Kingdom//

I worked as a generalist game programmer on the latest Harry Potter Game, a third-person shooter released recently. I have contributed to various aspects of the project (gameplay, systems, optimisation,…) on all the game's platforms.

Game programmer on R.U.S.E
PC - C++/Python
Six-month internship
April - September 2009
Eugen Systems, Paris, France

During the internship, I shared the daily occupation of full time employees. I was responsible for the implementation and improvement of several game features while keeping a proactive mind for the general code quality.

Game programmer on Camino a Francia
PC - C#
Three-month internship
Summer 2008
3dmx Studio, Guadalajara, Mexico

As part of a school exchange, I worked with 5 fellow students on the pre-production of a web-based point and click game for the French embassy in Mexico, in cooperation with Mexican professionals and students, using the Unity Game Engine.

Software engineer
Three-month internship
Summer 2007
White Birds Productions, Joinville, France

Under the direction of the Lead Programmer, I wrote the functional and technical specifications for the data management system of PlayAll, a game development framework developped by a consortium of french studios.

Formal Education

2007-2009: ENJMIN (Ecole Nationale des Jeux et Médias Interactifs Numériques)
Angouleme, France
Graduate School of Games and Interactive Media.
Master’s degree in video games development.

2004-2006: ENSIIE (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Informatique pour l'Industrie et l'Entreprise)
Evry, France
Computer engineering studies. Main subjects: Computer science, Robotics, Maths, Business and Human studies.

2001-2004: Lycées Marcelin Berthelot et D'Arsonval
Paris, France
Post-high school preparatory studies (CPGE) in Physics, Maths and Engineering.

Computer engineering skills

  • General programming skills:
    • Strong proficiency in C++ and C#
    • Good understanding of low-level programming
    • Good knowledge of Java
  • Software:
    • IDE: Visual Studio professional, Eclipse
    • SCM: SVN, Perforce, Mercurial
    • Profiling: Basic knowledge of PIX, Code Analyst and SNTuner
  • Science:
    • Strong skills in Mathematics and Physics

Game development skills

  • General:
    • Strong skills in 3D maths
    • Good knowledge of general game development architecture and techniques
  • Environments:
    • Frameworks: Unreal, Ogre3D, Unity, XNA, Monogame
    • Professional experience on XBox360, PS3, WII
    • Small experience on Nintendo DS
  • Scripting languages:
    • Lua, Python, Unrealscript
  • Graphics:
    • 2D: SDL, wxWidget, WPF
    • 3D: DirectX, OpenGL, Shaders languages(GLSL, HLSL)
  • Audio:
    • Pure Data, Wwise, Microsoft XACT


  • French: Native
  • English: Fluent
  • Japanese: Beginner
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